Monday, August 18, 2014

Reference material...


Even tho my layout is freelance, it is still based in the Cowra region. So when it comes to scenery any reference is helpful.

Bevan Wall posts regular videos on youtube most of which are excellent, but these ones he recently uploaded are of extra importance to me as I can use some of it on my own layout.

I don't know Bevan but I am glad he does these videos.

Canowindra Trip

Cowra Tour


Saturday, February 1, 2014


HI All,

Last week I decided to weather an Austrains GSV. 

I have already added P87 wheels and Sergent Couplers.
Check out Model Design Studio for Wheels.

This is going to be an interesting task as there is one tricky aspect, and that is the wood grain. This is a big downside to this model, in my opinion the wood grain would be next to invisible in HO scale. The grain itself is horrible to say the least, and spoils the model completely as it does with the BSV by Eureka which I believe was made in conjunction with the GSV. So how to remove it?

My plan is to hit it with the sand blaster. I picked up one of these after I saw Ray Pilgrims blog on the cheap version available at supercheap.

So first step is to pull it all apart, an easy thing to do and did make me think if these could be sold as kits rather then RTR. It would make things easier for me as the sides and ends are on small sprues that holds it all together, you will break some when you pull it all apart.

The grain gets blasted away pretty well but not completely, the rest I removed with a scalpel by dragging the blade over it. Below is the before and after pic. I am much happier with the result, and I continued on the sides, just to knock the shine off  to help the paint stick.

The grain isn't completely gone but its much better I think.

Now I don't recommend pulling the model right down as it is rather painful to put back together, so the next one I will try to leave it together less the roof and bottom floor and see how it goes. So into the paint booth and a coat of Floquil Grimy Black (Should have got more of this), and some more weathering to do but you get where I am going.

Now if I can just get John Easie to return my emails for the correct roof, I can complete the model.



Sunday, January 5, 2014


Hi All,

This is a shameless sell off.  I was about to put my trailer on Evilbay  to sell as BC will no longer be displayed and it hit me that maybe I should offer it to fellow modellers first.

I have no issues selling it to someone I know as I have full confidence in its reliability. I am in no rush to sell so can wait a week or two before going to the devil. So if interested speak up now, you can post a comment with contact details and I simply won't publish it.

Internal dimensions are,
L - 2800 mm
W - 1800 mm
H - 1200 mm
Overall length 4600 mm.
Tare weight 440 Kg.
Registered October 2014.

More details upon request and hopefully it can find a good railway home.


Sunday, December 15, 2013

The passing of another year...

Well 2013 hasn't been a great year for me in a number of ways but the one most readers here will care about is the railway works.

Things have moved along a little, The storage yard tracks are in place and point motors are installed but I still need to wire this up.

There are eight (8) roads with the shortest roads being 2.1 meters in length and the longest 3.4 meters. My maximum train length is based on 2 meters.

Bowen Creek has been partly disassembled, the ceilings have been removed as was originally designed and found its future home. The bridge section is now completely removed and will find its home elsewhere on the layout and will be renamed but that name will be revealed later.

You might note that I have also decided to model BC from the opposite side. I always felt the layout looked better from behind the station. Plus it renews the scene for me too. I am thinking I will replace the station building with a concrete building, maybe a PC3.

Still lots to do here but you are looking at the entry to the scene from the Cowra end storage yards. 

So in 2014 I would like to get from the Cowra storage yards around to the main yard completed. I would like also to get considerably more bench work built, At least around to BC and including the Eugowra Branch storage yard.

So until then, hope everyone has a Happy Xmas and 2014 brings good things.


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back at it...

Hi All,

Been a while I know, but I got a bit bored wih the blogging thing plus me ol' mate Ian was doin enuf for both of us. I haven't been doin much other then designing, then thinking and redesigning. I seem to continually battle with double deck and single level.

But after some time the room is ready and I am happy with it.

 Workbench Area

 So a few more things have happened and I will make another post soon and maybe a design idea.
Untill then, Hooroo.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Powder Van…


During my resent trip to the snow I took some time at Cooma to take photos of the restored PV22318.

PV22318 was constructed at regents park and was in service from 1926 – 1982. Its body is of timber construction, with four single and two double sized doors. It has a steel underframe and is 6.25 meters in length, 2.59 meters wide, 3.55 meters tall and weighs in at 10 tonnes.







All information sourced from Cooma Monaro Railway.



Sunday, June 10, 2012

EMRC Thornleigh 2012


Well Ian and I made the trek down to Sydney for the Epping Club Exhibition at Thornleigh again this year but just as spectators this time. It is one of the better exhibitions in my opinion especially for room to move. There are always nice big isle ways so there is no pushing and shoving and the like. It really is growing into a big show and there is something for everyone I think. I especially like Geoff Nott’s clinic for kids, I real winner in my view. I have a real good time and mostly enjoy catching up friends and blogger mates.

There was some inspiration to be found, the truss bridge on Boorowa was nice although the I beams running on it spoiled it and it could have used some weathering.

IMG_2347IMG_2345 Didn’t care for the backdrop but credit for trying.

IMG_2348 There is a photo story board at the front, a nice addition I thought.

But I spent nearly all my layout viewing time at Alan Tarrant's (Sorry if I miss spelt that) Bullenbung Creek.


Overall Shot





Spose I better put a shot in with a train…

This layout oozed character for me and it is really why I liked it so much over anything else at the show. It still requires finishing but the base for a well crafted layout is there.

I put some cabbage on the RTR stuff like Austrians' CW’s and CV’s. They look good but will require some detailing. They don't have sprung buffers so may have to source some and add 3 link couplers if I can find some good ones.

I picked up a pack of BCW’s from Eureka but may sell these later if I decide they are a tad late. But the big news was SDS announcing the 1959 BCW. Three packs of those will be ordered and would be expecting them in the new year which is grouse.

Always great to catch up with Andrew and Ian of ANDIAN models and grabbed a BLV. Kit making dead my arse, The RTR guys have lifted the bar, no doubt about that but these guys  have gone further with kits. And their brass underframe looks Mickey mouse. Mike McCormacs’ doggies are testament to how good kits can be.


Ian's little diorama, scweeet…

Anyway great to catch up with those who were there and hopefully see those that I didn’t at the Armidale convention where a beer or three can be had.