Friday, January 28, 2011

What do ya know...

Feb issue of AMRM is out and look at that, a couple of pics of Bowen Creek from the Armidale Convention. See, we did have a good time!

Maybe I should talk to James about a lineside offer?

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Happy New Year All,

The festive season was good to me, significant additions have been made to the library with Ron Prestons Day of the Passenger Train 1,2,and 3. This is a complete history of passenger train operations in NSW. Also Rons 44 class to go with my 48 class book, as well as Train Hobby publication of the 44 Class. A must for those TrainORama 44's I bought for $150 late last year, Bargain! And Lawrance Ryan's second book on Cowra, so lots of reading for me to get through.
A few kits have been given to me by the little brother, Ian Lindsays G2 goods shed which will be addapted for Merriwa and Stephen Johnson's Creamy Kate, very handy. So they will find their way to the "to be built" kit draw.

Bowen Creek has been set up in the shed for repairs and testing of the few RU's I have together. When a new wagon receives P87 wheels, there is always adjustments needed and these are no different, but more on those another time.

I have also been doing some titivating to Bowen Creek with a nice set of Platform scales that arrived from a well known modeller who shall remain nameless. I don't know if the colours are right but this is how I remember them so will do for now, I think they were all different anyway as the SM usually touched em up. Placed some milk cans on too but not sure about the baggage trolley, may delete that. I will add some things to the Fettler shed, but maybe later.

I went a little nuts and decided to add some detail to some wheels, I drilled some holes. Now they are not right but wanted to see if it could be done and if it was worth it. In conclusion yes it can, and yes it is. When the wagon rolls past it really sticks out so I will do more. Does anyone know the actual hole size and position?

Last thing I will add is the Infront Models DOT tanker I completed last year, I forgot to post the result so now is as good a time as any. The first pic is a dusty copy of the photo that comes with the kit.

I changed a few things in the kit, I replaced the ladder and the turnbuckles and should have made my own grab irons but maybe next time. I also added extra support angle next to the ladder as they were left out of the kit but overall it is an excellent kit and recommend it highly. I think the wheels should be 33" wheels too, but I need to get more so will correct later, I think they were 33" wheels? Will have to double check later.