Thursday, June 16, 2011

Epping 2011…

Well, we got away with another show. Bowen ran well at times, and pissed me completely off at other times. Who invited the Gremlins to a show! 4908 hasn’t moaned or groaned before, why did it choose to be a right royal pain in the arse this weekend? We had a few derails but it seems to get less and less each time, but I did get some comic relief when Oddwalls (Stand 23) had wagons splayed all over the yard. Couldn’t help but stick one into em about keepin’ those big wheels on the I-beam track. It was all in fun.

Fantastic to meet lots of guys from the blog scene and I hope I didn’t look too much like a deer in the headlights when you introduced yourself, a lot of that went on!  Also I apologise if I missed you, eg Ray Pilgram, Gary Laker filled me in on that one :).

The activity after the show was entertaining, Friday night we spent freezing our backsides off in the stadium as James McInerney changed every train we had marshalled earlier into something different leaving a mess and a half for us to clean up :). Saturday saw a group of us off to Chinese and then back to Aaron Dennings to check out his casting set up. Sunday was more relaxing, dinner at the hotel and a few beers with Chris who was on the Jembaicumbene layout. Great guy and if you are reading this Chris, email your details to me and we will do that cab ride at some stage.

Thanks to all the guys that helped out over the weekend, whether you drove trains or not it was good to have you there. Thanks to Damian Chrystie for the extra hand in packing up, much apprieciated. Rob would have had a hell of a time carrying that stuff out on his own :).

I have a video to upload once I have time to do it which was done with a lipstick camera. I will work on that for next time.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Off to Epping..

Hi Everyone,


The trailer is packed and we are ready for the EMRC show. Please stop by for a chat and make yourself known if you are attending.

We did have a tidy up off the layout and fixed some minor issues, we also did some extra weathering. They are things that just make the lead up to a show hectic and you wonder where the time went.

Have fun, hope to see you there.

Exhibition equals BEER……”MMMMMMM  BEEEEER”