Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas


Is it really that time of year already? Where did it go?


Modelling this year has all but come to a stand still, except for the odd purchase here and there. I basically have spent the year designing the new house and trying to keep it to a budget, which alas I continually fail at. But footings have gone in and hopefully be in by mid next year. The best part will be a train room equating to 78 sq metres, which will allow me to maybe build that dream railway. Several proposals have been put forward but I would really like to cover the Blayney-Demondrille line specifically Stanfield, Carcoar and Mandurama 1968-74 but we will see what happens. Any pictures people have in that time will be excepted gratefully.

Bowen Creek is tidily packed away in it boxes and if you look at some of the pictures on Ian's Blog  you will see it. Specifically here, yep that's it in the boxes next to the door, well part of it. Don’t have any plans for it at the moment and it may never see an exhibition again but we will see.

Anyway the festivities of Christmas are here and that will be great for me as I can use the break and forget about all the stresses of work and building houses. So Merry Christmas to you all and hopefully will see you all next year at various shows and conventions and continue enjoying this great hobby.



11-10-09_CPH warm

P.S. Just one purchase that turned up recently, my CPH. Totally unmodified here but still a nice model, however I have scored a Stephen Johnson CPH kit so I think I will work on that before anything gets touched on this one.