Sunday, December 15, 2013

The passing of another year...

Well 2013 hasn't been a great year for me in a number of ways but the one most readers here will care about is the railway works.

Things have moved along a little, The storage yard tracks are in place and point motors are installed but I still need to wire this up.

There are eight (8) roads with the shortest roads being 2.1 meters in length and the longest 3.4 meters. My maximum train length is based on 2 meters.

Bowen Creek has been partly disassembled, the ceilings have been removed as was originally designed and found its future home. The bridge section is now completely removed and will find its home elsewhere on the layout and will be renamed but that name will be revealed later.

You might note that I have also decided to model BC from the opposite side. I always felt the layout looked better from behind the station. Plus it renews the scene for me too. I am thinking I will replace the station building with a concrete building, maybe a PC3.

Still lots to do here but you are looking at the entry to the scene from the Cowra end storage yards. 

So in 2014 I would like to get from the Cowra storage yards around to the main yard completed. I would like also to get considerably more bench work built, At least around to BC and including the Eugowra Branch storage yard.

So until then, hope everyone has a Happy Xmas and 2014 brings good things.


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back at it...

Hi All,

Been a while I know, but I got a bit bored wih the blogging thing plus me ol' mate Ian was doin enuf for both of us. I haven't been doin much other then designing, then thinking and redesigning. I seem to continually battle with double deck and single level.

But after some time the room is ready and I am happy with it.

 Workbench Area

 So a few more things have happened and I will make another post soon and maybe a design idea.
Untill then, Hooroo.