Friday, November 26, 2010


I have been waiting to start this project for some time now and I have delayed for a number of reasons, the biggest being having the patience to do 20 detailed wagons but  I have bitten the bullet and started. I expect this will take a long time as other projects will come and go, as well as my interest but I think if I post my efforts it may help to keep things moving.

A few things are required.
  1. Greg Edwards Data sheet.
  2. Detail photos, personal and from ARDP from Keiren Ryan models. 
  3. ILM detail kits (which, unfortunately are currently unavailable but I have them).
  4. Trainorama RTR RU's which are also currently unavailable but also, I have them.
  5. Sergent Couplers
  6. Keiran Ryan's Brake rigging etch part no. KRM HO 006.
  7. P87 36" axles 0.944" length from NWSL part no. 37668-1 
  8. Click HERE for prototype description. 
I guess points 3 and 4 make you realise to get things while they are available, I think we have all been burnt here before.
I may use the chain I am not sure

 15 of the kits have been washed and drilled and the W irons have been folded and soldered. I am still waiting the correct wheels to arrive. 

The W iron etches aren't perfect as there is a bit of filing and drilling to do to get them right, but this is outlined in the instructions. I have also cleaned off the undesirable bits from the Traino bodies as per the ILM instructions. I have a plan of attack in my head for this but will see how things pan out, things always change and mistakes are always made but hopefully good karma will prevail. 
I will keep things as up to date as I can, cya. 


  1. Andrew,

    who produced the etch W irons that you have in photo 2?


  2. Hi Dale,

    They are part of the Ian Lindsay kit. I have heard via a little bird he is going to produce these kits in a small run, so if you approach him and I approach him, it may happen.