Thursday, December 2, 2010

Decoder Programmer

See I told you other projects would pop up. Ian and I purchased a Sprog II each from the UK and it arrived earlier this week. We saw these at the New England convention with Gerry Hopkins and this will allow me to use Decoder Pro in my study without having to set up Bowen Creek. I am still learning Decoder Pro but why would you program your decoders without it, it just makes it so easy.

Decoder Pro is a FREE download and a must for all Decoder programming. Check it HERE. The other thing you will need is a power supply, I picked up one from Jaycar, part no. MP-3011 for $19.95. You just cut the plug off and place the wire with the white stripe to the +V and the wire with the writing to the 0V on the sprogII. The rest is straight forward.

Now just to clarify, you can use decoder pro linked from your computer to your command station but the SprogII just allows you to do it without it. You don't need the sprog unless you want to program decoders away from the layout.

Happy Modelling



  1. Hi Andrew,
    Just a quick question, I am after the brand and details etc of the weeds and shrubs used on Bowen Creek. I did write it down after talking with you at the convention but it seems to have been lost never to be seen again. Your assistance would be much appreciated. I seem to have misplaced your email address as well if this is a better way to comunicate. Cheers

    Find any pics on the disk?

  2. G'day Ian,

    You will find everything at Scenic Express or at
    Modellers Warehouse. You will find either just by google-ing it. Now is probably a good time with the dollar the way it is.