Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hi Peoples,

I had been asked about fitting wheels into Trainorama, OTM and AR bogies. Well the fact was that these bogie's have been running pretty well with the patch job I did to have the ready for Epping 2009. Well they have survived quite a bit of running since then but I am now doing them properly and thought  I 7should post the method up before I forget.

 I have bought some bearings and bearing tool from AR kits which do the job just nicely.

 File the back of the bearing as there is a fine wire that protrudes and I find this to be unhelpful, 
so get ride of it. 

Use the Square cutting edge of the bearing tool and set it to cut slightly deeper then the bearing depth.

Fit the bearing and repeat in each axle box.

Check gauge 

Once you have installed the axle, use finger pressure and squeeze to set the bearings all the way home.  Once this is done the axles roll very nicely without excessive play side to side. 

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