Saturday, November 13, 2010

Conventions and Exhibitions

Evening Followers,

After attending the New England Convention last week, my opinion of exhibitions has deteriorated. This to me was the pinnacle of  what I what from this hobby. Like minded people getting the chance to socialise and share ideas and techniques on modelling. If you missed it, get down and pray the next one isn't too far away.

Exhibitions are a rush, they're noisy and you really don't get the chance to sit down and mingle with fellow modellers. Some have dinners on the Saturday night but most are too buggered to really make a night of it and that's even if they attend. The New England club need to write a paper on how this was done so other clubs can learn from their achievement.

How great it was to catch up and meet fellow bloggers. If these guys had stopped to chat at an exhibition it would be hard to really have got to know them as you are usually too busy to really spend much time chatting. Bowen Creek stood still for most of the weekend and people still stood there enjoying the model without trains running. You don't get that at exhibitions much, generally the crowd moves on once the train has left the scene.

Some of the other bloggers have written about the weekend but I will add some pics of what caught my attention.

 I thought Dean Bradley's weathering work was exquisite. There is no doubt I will try to follow some of his techniques.

Ian Phemister's 1942 EZ kits looks just the part crossing the Timber Trestle apart from those OVER scaled wheels and couplers hey Ian. Loved the ride in the Mini Cooper S, "NOICE" .

Peter Street's Oil Depot. I never really considered one of these for the home layout, but after Peter's talk I think I will add one. He pointed out how this can add some operation to the layout with little space used, I never considered this, but he is right.

Exeter..self explanatory really

Thanks to everyone who attended, you guys really made the best Model Railway weekend and it's funny how the young fellows and the old buggers got along. Apparently, according to the forums, this doesn't happen. Maybe this says something about the forums. Some of the talks were done by older gents, I wouldn't have had such a good time without them.

CYA at the next one



  1. Hi Andrew,

    I have just discovered your blog and I'm so glad I did. I first saw Bowen Creek at Epping a couple of years ago and I was totally knocked out by the scenic work. I must have taken 100 photos and some video as I wanted to use Bowen Creek as inspiration for what I want to achieve. We did speak for awhile that day and I even suggested you might want to visit Hobsons Bay exhibition here in Melbourne with Bowen Creek some day, but alas not yet.

    I have started the benchwork on my Victorian Railways O scale layout based in 1975 and set in the north-west wheat belt of the state. The layout is under construction in my two car garage. It will feature hand laid track and highly detailed scenery. structures, locos and rollingstock.

    I had hoped to see Bowen Creek in action again one day, but at least I can learn from your blog which is a wealth of information.

    Regards - Daryl Blake

  2. HI Daryl,
    I do remember you and our conversations. See, I don't have dementia after all. I have had some interest from members of Hobsons Bay but as yet no invitation. Still a long way to go for a train weekend but you never know. At this stage I don't have any plans for next year so I will play it by ear.
    Glad you enjoy the blog.

  3. Hi Andrew,

    I still know a couple of guys from the club so I will have a chat with them. Melbourne modellers need to see Bowen Creek. Yes, your blog is great and so are the links to the other blogs. I think I will do one myself, I guess to keep myself motivated and to have a forum to get some feed back.

    I plan to have a rail supplied fuel depot on my layout so the photo you posted is exactly what I wanted to design mine. A beautifully executed model as well.

    Regards - Daryl

  4. Yes Daryl this blogging thing is a bit of fun. I do recommend it, It has opened a door to a lot of good people, good modellers and great friendships.