Monday, November 22, 2010

Bogie updated....

Tom Rogers kindly pointed out a few missed details, might make him an editor I think! I failed to mention I was using 24.5 mm axle lengths. NWSL part no. 37668-4 for 36" wheels and part no. 37667-4 for 33" wheels. AR axles are 25 mm in length so you will have to close the gap by 0.5 mm and you will get this with the bearings. I can't remember the actual length of the other manufacturers axles as I have discarded them, stupidly. If anyone still has these axle lengths can you please let me know?
  I believe you need some sideways movement just not to much, and to accurately do this is almost impossible but the bearing tool does help as you can set the depth. Perhaps I should have recorded the depth data, I will endeavor to do this. I guess this means there will be another follow up to this but worth the effort I think.


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