Friday, November 26, 2010


I have been waiting to start this project for some time now and I have delayed for a number of reasons, the biggest being having the patience to do 20 detailed wagons but  I have bitten the bullet and started. I expect this will take a long time as other projects will come and go, as well as my interest but I think if I post my efforts it may help to keep things moving.

A few things are required.
  1. Greg Edwards Data sheet.
  2. Detail photos, personal and from ARDP from Keiren Ryan models. 
  3. ILM detail kits (which, unfortunately are currently unavailable but I have them).
  4. Trainorama RTR RU's which are also currently unavailable but also, I have them.
  5. Sergent Couplers
  6. Keiran Ryan's Brake rigging etch part no. KRM HO 006.
  7. P87 36" axles 0.944" length from NWSL part no. 37668-1 
  8. Click HERE for prototype description. 
I guess points 3 and 4 make you realise to get things while they are available, I think we have all been burnt here before.
I may use the chain I am not sure

 15 of the kits have been washed and drilled and the W irons have been folded and soldered. I am still waiting the correct wheels to arrive. 

The W iron etches aren't perfect as there is a bit of filing and drilling to do to get them right, but this is outlined in the instructions. I have also cleaned off the undesirable bits from the Traino bodies as per the ILM instructions. I have a plan of attack in my head for this but will see how things pan out, things always change and mistakes are always made but hopefully good karma will prevail. 
I will keep things as up to date as I can, cya. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Bogie updated....

Tom Rogers kindly pointed out a few missed details, might make him an editor I think! I failed to mention I was using 24.5 mm axle lengths. NWSL part no. 37668-4 for 36" wheels and part no. 37667-4 for 33" wheels. AR axles are 25 mm in length so you will have to close the gap by 0.5 mm and you will get this with the bearings. I can't remember the actual length of the other manufacturers axles as I have discarded them, stupidly. If anyone still has these axle lengths can you please let me know?
  I believe you need some sideways movement just not to much, and to accurately do this is almost impossible but the bearing tool does help as you can set the depth. Perhaps I should have recorded the depth data, I will endeavor to do this. I guess this means there will be another follow up to this but worth the effort I think.


Thursday, November 18, 2010


Hi Peoples,

I had been asked about fitting wheels into Trainorama, OTM and AR bogies. Well the fact was that these bogie's have been running pretty well with the patch job I did to have the ready for Epping 2009. Well they have survived quite a bit of running since then but I am now doing them properly and thought  I 7should post the method up before I forget.

 I have bought some bearings and bearing tool from AR kits which do the job just nicely.

 File the back of the bearing as there is a fine wire that protrudes and I find this to be unhelpful, 
so get ride of it. 

Use the Square cutting edge of the bearing tool and set it to cut slightly deeper then the bearing depth.

Fit the bearing and repeat in each axle box.

Check gauge 

Once you have installed the axle, use finger pressure and squeeze to set the bearings all the way home.  Once this is done the axles roll very nicely without excessive play side to side. 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Conventions and Exhibitions

Evening Followers,

After attending the New England Convention last week, my opinion of exhibitions has deteriorated. This to me was the pinnacle of  what I what from this hobby. Like minded people getting the chance to socialise and share ideas and techniques on modelling. If you missed it, get down and pray the next one isn't too far away.

Exhibitions are a rush, they're noisy and you really don't get the chance to sit down and mingle with fellow modellers. Some have dinners on the Saturday night but most are too buggered to really make a night of it and that's even if they attend. The New England club need to write a paper on how this was done so other clubs can learn from their achievement.

How great it was to catch up and meet fellow bloggers. If these guys had stopped to chat at an exhibition it would be hard to really have got to know them as you are usually too busy to really spend much time chatting. Bowen Creek stood still for most of the weekend and people still stood there enjoying the model without trains running. You don't get that at exhibitions much, generally the crowd moves on once the train has left the scene.

Some of the other bloggers have written about the weekend but I will add some pics of what caught my attention.

 I thought Dean Bradley's weathering work was exquisite. There is no doubt I will try to follow some of his techniques.

Ian Phemister's 1942 EZ kits looks just the part crossing the Timber Trestle apart from those OVER scaled wheels and couplers hey Ian. Loved the ride in the Mini Cooper S, "NOICE" .

Peter Street's Oil Depot. I never really considered one of these for the home layout, but after Peter's talk I think I will add one. He pointed out how this can add some operation to the layout with little space used, I never considered this, but he is right.

Exeter..self explanatory really

Thanks to everyone who attended, you guys really made the best Model Railway weekend and it's funny how the young fellows and the old buggers got along. Apparently, according to the forums, this doesn't happen. Maybe this says something about the forums. Some of the talks were done by older gents, I wouldn't have had such a good time without them.

CYA at the next one