Sunday, April 1, 2012

Line Closure..

Bowen has been neatly packed away since the Epping show 2011 and that won’t change in the near future. The likely hood of Bowen seeing another show is evaporating to the point where I can’t see it happening. When Ian and I started talking about doing an exhibition layout back in 2004 (I think), it was something we wanted to to do because neither of us had done it before, at least not from start to finish.

Exhibiting is long and exhausting, it is weeks in the planning and you are busier then a one armed banjo picker with worms. But I have made many good friends because of it, in particular Tom Rogers and Craig Warton who’s assistance at shows was priceless. Meeting guys like this is worth the effort.

Building Bowen Creek was my highlight though, mainly for the opportunity to work with Ian Millard. Ian is an exceptional modeller and I have him to thank for my growth as a modeller. I would never have gone the P87 path without him, that was a pipe dream in my opinion but he was the driving force to make it a reality, I would have walked away otherwise.

Anyway, enuf with the touchy feely stuff! Where to For Bowen now?

I always thought I would keep BC just for exhibiting. When Ian and I felt like going to a show we could just go but I think BC is too good to leave in a box until we feel like going. So I think I will redevelop it into the home layout and continue with the line. I still need to work out how to fit it into this but it is an area I like and I like having the freedom of freelance modelling. Hopefully this will re-energise this blog and reopen the line. Commencement is likely mid to late 2013 but like many manufacturers will likely be later then that.  Hopefully we will be in the new house by July and be settled in by Christmas so I feel mid 2013 should be achievable.

In the meantime there is some exciting things happening to give the layout a last hurrah before redevelopment, check this out….