Sunday, March 13, 2011

GUILTY, of over weathering...

With some time on my hands and a swag of new books, it has become obvious to me that I am guilty of getting carried away with weathering. I seem to have been caught in the situation of looking at and photographing stock that is derelict and thinking that this is how they always looked. So with time period modelling in mind it was time to adjust some wagons back to dirty and grimy instead of rusted and abused.

 The top picture is more how the van may have appeared in the 1990's (different code of coarse), so now is more late 60's to early 80's.
I am quite pleased I went to the effort because the vans  aren't all the same. I painted some lighter and darker then each other which gives a more natural effect then when the were all plastic grey from On Track Models. I have also added the improvements like Sergent couplers, chains and scale wheels. Also changed the spider brake wheel and thinned the mounting bracket. I would like to change the shunters steps but ahhh, maybe some other time.

So I guess the object of the post is to think about your period of modelling and weather accordingly, no matter how tempting it is to do the big rust patterns and dents that we can find today.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Some Explaining...

Hi All,

Yes I went missing for a while and likely to do it again. Her indoors has taken on a more responsible roll at work and has created the unfortunate event of shifting house, BUGGER! When I bought my current home I never envisaged moving again before the inevitable dirt nap but here I go again shifting house. To add to the stress I may as well build. Well very few houses on the market cater for a train room (every home should have one), so to get what I want, I need to build.

I have purchased a block at a really good price and is only a couple of doors from Ian. Poor bugger between us isn't going to know whats goin on. Still it will make layout tours by fellow bloggers easy.

I have been doing some work, I have rewheeled a traino 44 ( yet to be tested), put the IDR MLV together and have done various other little jobs.
The RU project is back in the drawers, however some thought is going into new W irons and more will be revealed at a later time.

Displaying BC this year is on the back burner, however we have accepted an offer from the Epping club to again feature at their show on the June long weekend. This show gets better every year and to me is fast becoming the best show in Sydney if not already.

Tom Rogers  and Craig Warton recently had a trip to Valley Heights and checked out the hole in the wheel situation. Seems a 1.5 mm hole is the go but I have yet to mill one out to see if it looks right, I am sure it will.

Anyhow, I will try to post some pics again soon and hopefully keep the little jobs going.