Monday, May 31, 2010


Yep, part 2 of making a point can wait, I have been busy and haven't put anymore thought into it. I have been playing around the layout room and because of the resent cool weather and rain decided to do some weathering of my own. So due to my new spray room being so accessible and easy, I attacked an On Track Models LLV.Didn't want to go to hard but what the hell. Apologies in advance I only snapped these photo's with a little instamatic, "must get serious about photography one of these days."

I also had to get in and weather wheels and bogies so I brushed them with some Floquil Rust and roof brown, then followed up with a black wash. Then finished up with some Aim Powders and am quite happy with the results. Did a similar thing with the LLV.

Other then that I put a coat of primer on the Infront Models DOT Tanker. It's ready for the final coat but will have to wait till I go to Epping on the long weekend to pick up the right colour paint. Ian and I will be there on the Saturday so If  you run into us stop for a chat.

I also played around with Austrains MLE. I need to do some more to this as I had had enough by now but It still looks ok. I will need to look for some loads although I was thinking of making some rolled up tarps.

Anyway thats what I've been upto and now looking forward to Epping, as a visitor this time.

At the end of the day I stopped at the level crossing on the Canowindra Road, climbed on the bonnet of the Challenger and snapped a photo of 4716 leaving Bowen Creek after its shunting duties.


  1. Looking Good Andrew, nice subtle weathering. Looking at your work is enough to convince me to do P87, if only there was some commercial support for steam loco drivers. Oh well, looks like i'll be sticking with plain oold HO. BTW, the lever frame and point rodding, are they from IR models?

  2. Hey Rob,
    Steam loco drivers are going to be a problem, I need to do 30T and 50 class drivers and don't know how to achieve this yet but we will see. The lever frame and point rodding are from IR models. As a tip,if you want any, don't wait to long.

  3. Hello,

    i like your work on the bogie !!