Thursday, June 3, 2010

Making a point, part 2

OK so we have our little frog already to go, but there is one other part to be manufactured and thats the blades. Now I tried using the fast tracks file jig and to be honest, I don't know if it were me or the jig but I just wasn't that happy with the shape I was getting on a filed blade. I don't quite know how to explain it, but if you look at the prototype a blade swings back to the centre of the track after it leaves the heel. Only ever so slightly but it is what it does. After reading The Australian Journal of Railway Modelling, number six, page 28, it clearly shows how a point blade should be filed. I don't know about you, but I was buggered if I could file code 55 rail and still see if I had it right. Andy Reichert from P87 Stores does point blades with a CNC machine and are the correct shape. I can't remember the exact price but it was something like $12 a pair. Well worth it.
Next was to get some rail brace chairs, I managed to wangle some out of stephen Ottaway, no mean feat. Now we have the main components to build a point.

So now its logical but it takes a little time. Lay your paper template, we did them in a group but probably wouldn't do that again. Just to awkward to handle. Lay your copper sleepers remembering to use the thinner sleeper where the chairs are to be placed.
Next start laying your straight stock rails, this is important as the rest of the point guages off this. Once this is done you can locate the frog and continue laying rail.

Once all the rail is down we can locate the chairs to fill the gap between the blade and the sleeper.
I think you get the jist of things and really its just, take your time and watch it come together.
Unfortunately I didn't take enough photos when these were built, something I have to improve on. The next group of photos I think shows why it's all worth the effort.

Anyway last post for a while, need to digress. Cheers


  1. Andrew,

    If we can manage a get together at some point i will show you my 4mm scale jigs - used for crossings and point blades. You should be able to translate the idea to flatbottom rail...

  2. You know how I love new ideas Craig, lets do it. I'll call you next week.

  3. incredible work there Andrew!


  4. G'day Andrew,

    Awesome work there, very inspirational. Makes me want to convert to P87 for Gundy, but wanting to run steamers basically precludes that.

    Just wondering what you used for the point blade tie bars?


  5. Hey Brandan,
    From memory it was 10mm by 1mm brass flat with copper clad glued to the 1mm edge. Thats the best I can describe it, may have to see if Ian has any pics of it.
    Steamers are a problem, but it can be done, I am workin on it. I need them for my home layout, it will take some time.