Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Alignment Pins

These were made to make sure the rails aligned every time the modules were put together. Ian had assisted with Rodney James' layout Exeter, and was impressed with the reliability of them. They are simple to make and can be done in a short time.

You will require 10mm brass angle and 6.5mm brass rod. You will also need a 6.5mm hss drill bit, a ream and flat file, masking tape, solder, flux, blow torch and a hacksaw.

  1. Cut matching lengths of the brass angle and clamp together to form a T shape making sure the top is flat and true.
  2. Drill two holes through the facing brass.
  3. Test fit the rod, ream out the hole as necessary making sure not to let the hole get to large. It needs to be a snug fit.
  4. Now of coarse you only want the pins to solder to one piece of brass or else you will never get them apart. Place a piece of masking tape between the facing brass and slide the rod through the holes between 5-10 mm.
  5. Add flux and using the blow torch solder the rod in place keeping the rod as square as possible.
  6. Cut the brass rod flush at the back and file smooth. Tidy up any over run solder between the two faces and your done. Now you just need to drill and fit. I suggest small counter sunk holes and use small brass wood screws.
As you can see in the top photo that this can be used using flex track and reliably realigns the track everytime the modules are reconnected.

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