Saturday, April 3, 2010

A few Pics....

I was asked recently for a couple more views of the layout. We have been doing work on the return curves on Bowen which I am glad to say has been successful, it didn't leave me any time to think about an update to the blog. So some pics seems like a good idea.
This is 621-721 crossing Bowen Tresle. It's a popular area for photographers as it gives a nice low angle. The tresle was the first scratch built structure on the layout, and it took me a couple of weekends to build and another couple to fit. All the timber is stained with India Ink and the bolts and rail painted with floquil rust and rail brown then finished with Aim powders. Ian's semaphore and my fettler shed top the scene off.
This one is one of my Fav's. When I made this I thought I was going overboard with detail. I thought the bolt head detail would never be seen but this photo made me think again. Kappler timber was used and brass flat and angle. The nuts and bolts are from Scale Hardware (see links) these are unbelievable.
I will try and follow up with the lighting in the next post but we will see.



  1. Andrew, I agree with you, the buffer stop does look great. You soon forget the extra hours you've spent on the detailed items, but you would kick yourself every time you look at 'that' item that you rushed to finish and didn't detail to your best abilities. Love the trestle.

  2. Thanks Geoff but you just made me realise I spelt trestle wrong,twice. Damn I need spell check. :)