Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Bowen creek is a concept layout built by Andrew Campbell and Ian Millard to discover the possibilities of Proto 87 modelling.
The layout started in January 2006, and slowly developed over the next three years. As with any new idea things took time. However with the layout nearing to Exhibition stage I now have more time to spend goofing off on things such as this Blog site. I don't promise regular updates but when the mood strikes me I will endeavour to go through the trials and tribulations that we went through building this layout. It certainly isn't for everyone but I hope you will enjoy it and maybe get something from it. 
What is Proto 87 (P87)?
P87 is a set of track and wheel standards scaled down exactly from the prototype. It's funny that a lot of people don't consider the layout as an accurate model. I can spend hours looking at a great layout even if there are not any trains running. I like detailed track and surrounds as much as any detailed locomotive. A detailed hand built NSWGR point built to NSWGR standards is a work of art in my view and is something the ready to run manufacturers have yet to get close to being right. 
Hence, Bowen Creek was born and some of these ideas were to be attempted.
  1. Lightweight Frame complete with ease of assembly.
  2. High density foam track bed and scenery base.
  3. Hand laid track and full detailed points.
  4. Seamless backdrop.
  5. Lightweight Lighting.

So there's my opening post. I will start with track design and location in the next post.

Happy Modelling.

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