Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Location and Time

With the discussions on what we wanted to achieve well underway it was now time to set the basis of the layout. This means the when and where. The time was easy, mid 70's to early 80's. We conformed to diesel era for the simple reason of wheel exchange as steam wheels are still a problem in P87. Mike McCormac has done wheels for a 30t, he assures me it ain't easy and is commercially unviable, but it can be done if you are more than competent on a lathe. Anyway, we knew we could source stub axles from North West Shortline (NWSL) and we could do it quickly and effectively.

Train-O-Rama had just released the 47 class and I was keen on Branch lines so where do we go. My Grandparents lived their lives in Cowra and I had spent a lot of time walking the yards there, in particular the Eugowra branch. Then I discovered there was to be a line from Canowindra to Gregra, planned and funded but never built. This was perfect, it meant we could do what we liked (within reason) as long as we followed NSWGR practice. Google Earth was employed and we followed directions as to where the line would most likely go, there it was, Bowen Creek. Nothing more than a name but just what we wanted, so it was adopted.


  1. Andrew,
    I'm impressed that you're going the P87 path and look forward to your progress.

  2. Its been a challenge Rob but is now really starting to pay off.