Sunday, September 12, 2010

Newcastle Exhibition...

Well its' been a week since the Newcastle show and to be honest, I need a week to recuperate. We left Port Macquarie about 1300hrs on Friday and after a wet rainy trip, arrived at the race coarse about 1700hrs to find Tom Rogers waiting at the gate. Tom is a regular staff member at Bowen showings and is now a dedicated P87 modeller. Set up takes about an hour and after some line repairs and testing, we were ready for Saturday. So it was down with a bodgy dinner and check in the motel. A beer or two were downed at the RSL and giggle at the local teenagers in their wacko gear before calling it a night.

Saturday morning brought a traumatic start. The electronics went nuts, it wasn't until the boys on Mile638 came asking for help on their layout, that it twigged that the we were getting some electronic feedback from another stand. A new power supply was sought and Mile 638 and Bowen Creek both operated faultlessly for the rest of the weekend, PHEW!

Sunday (fathers day) brought the annual gift giving and for me this meant a Canon 500D DSLR, Yippee!!. So my eldest son Matthew, took it for the day and took some pics of the show. Don't quite know how that happened but what do you do....


A-Tractiv Effort 
A-Tractiv Effort 

Mile 638

Not a bad effort from the young bloke. Very enjoyable week end and look forward to the next one.



  1. I hope Matthew wasn't off at the "bikini lady" display!


  2. Hehe, If he was he didn't get me any pics!