Friday, October 1, 2010

Pretty in steam...

Light has not hit Bowen Creek since Newcastle and to be honest I am rather glad. Now that the warmer weather is here, the house and gardens have been getting a spruce up and besides I am lacking some motivation at the moment. The New England convention is only 5 or 6 weeks away and I am really looking forward to that. We had a few breakages in Newy but we have a days work set aside and all should be good.

In the mean time lets look at steam in P87. It is still a long way off but there are some motivated people tossing around ideas on how things can be done. Oscar Deluca turned up at Epping last year with his Brass 30T and it was the first time steam had been tested. Mike McCormac had turned the wheels as he did on his dogbox and the result was inspiring. Now these took Mike hours to do so I don't believe he will ever do these for anyone but himself ( which is fair enough) it proves the possibilities, which inspired Bowen Creek in the first place.

I nicked this off Railpage, Thanks to Craig Mackey

I need to do this for myself and a few others who want steam, it will happen just takes time. Meanwhile other things need to be done..such as that RU project. Anyway this was just a quick update so everyone knows I am still alive and we may see you in Armidale. Hooroo


  1. Andrew,

    you think finescale steam is a problem - the Victorian modellers have to consider fine scale and broad gauge so its not just replacing wheels but widening all the valve gear...etc! There are a number of modellers working on practical solutions and it will be interesting to see what they come up with.


  2. Iain,

    Your absolutely right, however with standard gauge, the same problem exists as the cylinders are to wide. Manufacturers allow for the over sized wheels which puts them out of gauge. That said, I think its easier to narrow the cylinders rather then widen them, but hey this is what modelling is about. Getting the dimensions right so it is a scale replica.