Monday, June 7, 2010

A Little Inspiration.....

I was cleaning up some files this morning and found some photos that were taken when Aaron Denning paid a visit. He had a new camera and was keen to try some things. John Barrett had a model circus he built stored at Ian's' so the backdrop was placed on Bowen and a new scene was created. John's circus was modelled at dusk, which means it was back lit through the backscene. It is painted perspex. Anyway the photos will explain better.

44 on tour
A small load

It was a bit of fun, after all there wasn't even track laid on module two at this stage. John has 1000's of little lights to wire up on the circus and it's my job to do it, so one day I will get some pics of the circus and post them. It is quite a piece of modelling.


  1. hello,

    What a beautifull sunset !!

    Very nice pictures .

  2. Thanks Pascal, It is something different.

  3. Super pictures indeed, very well done.

  4. Thanks Iain and glad you joined as I am a shameless promoter of your blog. Love it.