Sunday, June 10, 2012

EMRC Thornleigh 2012


Well Ian and I made the trek down to Sydney for the Epping Club Exhibition at Thornleigh again this year but just as spectators this time. It is one of the better exhibitions in my opinion especially for room to move. There are always nice big isle ways so there is no pushing and shoving and the like. It really is growing into a big show and there is something for everyone I think. I especially like Geoff Nott’s clinic for kids, I real winner in my view. I have a real good time and mostly enjoy catching up friends and blogger mates.

There was some inspiration to be found, the truss bridge on Boorowa was nice although the I beams running on it spoiled it and it could have used some weathering.

IMG_2347IMG_2345 Didn’t care for the backdrop but credit for trying.

IMG_2348 There is a photo story board at the front, a nice addition I thought.

But I spent nearly all my layout viewing time at Alan Tarrant's (Sorry if I miss spelt that) Bullenbung Creek.


Overall Shot





Spose I better put a shot in with a train…

This layout oozed character for me and it is really why I liked it so much over anything else at the show. It still requires finishing but the base for a well crafted layout is there.

I put some cabbage on the RTR stuff like Austrians' CW’s and CV’s. They look good but will require some detailing. They don't have sprung buffers so may have to source some and add 3 link couplers if I can find some good ones.

I picked up a pack of BCW’s from Eureka but may sell these later if I decide they are a tad late. But the big news was SDS announcing the 1959 BCW. Three packs of those will be ordered and would be expecting them in the new year which is grouse.

Always great to catch up with Andrew and Ian of ANDIAN models and grabbed a BLV. Kit making dead my arse, The RTR guys have lifted the bar, no doubt about that but these guys  have gone further with kits. And their brass underframe looks Mickey mouse. Mike McCormacs’ doggies are testament to how good kits can be.


Ian's little diorama, scweeet…

Anyway great to catch up with those who were there and hopefully see those that I didn’t at the Armidale convention where a beer or three can be had.



  1. If you put three link couplers on those CWs you will be in big trouble with the Detail Police! The prototypes had screw link couplers! ;)

    I thought you might like 'Bullenbung Creek', just like 'Bowen Creek', but with nice black locos, rather than those red boxes... ;) In fact, it's a shame that both layouts aren't to the same track standards, what a terrific exhibition it would be if they were combined...

    James McInerney

  2. ha-ha Thanks James, I will have to get that old fella terminology right ;) Now where can I get working screw link couplers from?
    Maybe one day we can link Lambing Flat to them as well, now that would be interesting. Don't get me thinking about that.


  3. Working screw link couplers are available from ILM (Ian Storrie). Ian Pheminister is in the process of reviewing a set for AMRM as I write!

    All three linked together! Now that's an interesting propostion! Apart from the differing wheel/track standards and that I would have to make LF portable again and bring the scenery up to the standards set by both layouts... no major problems there... ;)

    James McInerney

  4. Andrew, when you find some sprung buffers and couplers you like, could you post your findings please? I have some of the ILM and AR kits screw link couplers. I found the AR ones easier to put together, for big fingers anyway.

    Yep I'll be at Armidale with the fellas again, so I'll have that beer with you for sure!

    1. Yep you got it Geoff, looking forward to seeing Splitters Swamp Creek and the alco,s ;)...running it.