Thursday, April 14, 2011

maintenance is in town...

The maintenance train has arrived late on the Canowindra - Gregra line, hauled by a 44 class, the first the line has seen but will not be the last.


This shot was taken by Ian after set up of BC in his new layout room. Now neither of us are big on the night scenes but they can be quite captivating.

The Epping show is now fast approaching and some maintenance needs to be attended to as well as some new trains to be added such as the 44 and maybe a DEB set as passenger traffic seems to be on the increase.

Hooroo for now…


  1. I'm looking forward to finally seeing this layout in the flesh this year at the Epping show. From the pictures on this blog it looks amazing and the scale wheels and track really top it off nicely.
    P87 does sound like a lot of work but the results are totally worth it!

    I might consider the conversion to P87 for my own layout except I have too many steam locos. In the too hard basket for now...

  2. Make sure you introduce yourself when you are there.

    P87 for steam locos are a long term work in progress so enjoy what you have now and later the opportunity to go P87 may happen.

  3. Yes, I'm thinking P87 would probably be best left for my next layout. By then hopefully steam locos will be better supported.
    Some NSW steam locos are now fitted with RP25/88 wheels and I also successfully run these wheels on rolling stock on Peco code 75 track. The 1380mm layout height also helps disguise the large flangeways in the turnouts so the effect is good enough to keep me happy for now.

    I'll be sure to say hello when I get to Epping!